Architecture Visualizations.

Painting a realistic picture of a future building even before construction starts? With architectural visualization, we create a realistic 3D impression of future building designs. It’s like being able to look ahead to your completed real estate or interior design project.

What is architecture visualization?

An architectural visualization is a photorealistic image created from 3D models. This technique is called 3D rendering. This digital rendering has very clear details and appears so lifelike that it is difficult to distinguish it from a real photograph. So with a 3D visualization of architecture, you bring building designs to life even before the first brick is laid. With Photomatch we place, for example, a rendering of a project home in a photograph of reality. That way, you can immediately see how your project will look among the existing buildings.


The benefits of architecture visualization

Hyper-realistic visualization of building plans in advance has several advantages.

A more efficient construction schedule

3D visualizations bring complex data from designs to life, making them easier to interpret. This makes proper planning easier.

Better collaboration

Thanks to the realistic representation of designs, communication – and thus collaboration – between architects, builders and clients improves. Potential problems are thus identified early on.

Smoother construction process and higher customer satisfaction

More efficient construction planning and better communication lead to a smoother work process and higher overall satisfaction with the project.

Types of architecture visualization

There are different types of 3D visualizations. The two most commonly used for architecture are static images and 3D animations. These techniques are great for telling your story about the atmosphere of a new neighborhood or what the color of the roof tiles does to the design.

Static images

A static image is like a photograph. The images appear lifelike and are often indistinguishable from a real photograph. All details are included in the 3D render: light, birds flying overhead, flowers in the garden. For example, we use lifelike visualizations to show how a static house can look like a real home.

3D animations

3D animations bring architectural projects to life in a digitally created video. These 3D videos will draw even more attention to your building design. The atmosphere of a home or neighborhood comes across even better. This makes families envision themselves living in that neighborhood and envisioning their interiors even before the home exists.

Techniques in architecture visualization

When creating 3D visualizations in architecture, we use a variety of techniques to bring your design to life. The main techniques are rendering and virtual reality.

Photorealistic rendering

A photorealistic rendering has very clear details and is indistinguishable from reality. Simply put, a render is a photograph of a 3D model. Rendering allows you to give the right colors, textures, details and lighting to a 3D model. This makes the 3D visualization of your property come to life photo-realistically. You can use this photorealistic render in your sales plans, presentations and advertisements.

Virtual reality

With virtual reality, your building designs come to life even more. Our 3D videos present everything in moving images, providing additional experience and animation. Perfect for a virtual walk through a future new home and garden. With virtual reality glasses, you really walk through the space for a moment and experience the building


V-Render's approach in architecture visualization

As a 3D rendering studio, we specialize in creating quality and realistic 3D images. We create architectural visualizations completely tailored to your needs. Changes in colors and textures are completely free with us AND you get an unlimited number of images.

We have years of experience and an extensive client portfolio. Much of our client base includes architectural firms and real estate developers. Are you planning a project? We like to think with you in 3D. For example, are you curious about your project land options? Let us create a building site visualization create.

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